About Me

I’m Adam. In 2016, I packed up my life in the U.S., sold much of my belongings, and moved to Thailand.

My home base is currently in Phuket. I currently work as an English/Math teacher, and travel as often as I can, happily trying to sate a seemingly insatiable hunger to see the world.

Before this, I hadn’t traveled much at all. I traveled only in my mind, through the books I read. I still adore books and turn to them often, but I’ve learned that they can only teach me so much. Going out and exploring and seeing the world with my own eyes offers an education wholly new and thrilling. I’m addicted now, and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

Travellennial is the medium through which I’m sharing my experiment in living a life of wandering, of savoring each day in this peculiar dream that is life.


phuket town living in thailand
Phuket Town, Thailand