Motorbike Roadtrip Through Southern Thailand: Phuket to Krabi (Video)

Over a long weekend in mid-February, I plotted my escape from the chaotic congestion of traffic in Phuket and out into the open, winding roads off the island. Just north of Phuket lies the rural province of Phang Nga, and southeast of Phang Nga lies Krabi. Both provinces are famous for their remarkable landscapes of rolling green hills and limestone karsts that line the roads, border the beaches, and emerge beautifully from the waters of the Andaman Sea. Krabi is around 170 kilometers from Phuket—about a three hour drive straight through—and I’ve been wanting to take a motorbike roadtrip through this region to see the landscape up close for a while now.

This isn’t the exact route I took as I avoided the main highway, Highway 4, whenever possible and instead opted for the quiet two-lane highways that weave through the hills.

The Journey

I strapped my backpack to my scooter seat with some bungee cords, and hit the road at 8 a.m. on a sunny Saturday morning. Eight hours later, I was driving along the coast in Ao Nang, Krabi. Along the way, I veered off the road at nearly every sign displaying a viewpoint, waterfall, or some other attractionlike a kid meandering down the toy aisle at a supermarket, except instead of Harry Potter Legos I was losing my shit over rock formations and monkeys.

Below is a vlog of this little motorbike roadtrip and the activities I did along the way. I definitely recommend this drive for anyone interested in scooter travel. While sitting on a motorbike seat for hours isn’t very comfortable, the freedom one feels—even with a little 125cc engine—is worth it. I will absolutely go on more trips like this in the future.

Where have you traveled via motorbike? Share with me any memorable routes or loops you’ve been on.

A Few Tips

  • Go during the high season. I had great driving weather the whole time. It was hot, but I’d take that over driving in the rain any day.
  • Bring a lot of sunblock or some kind of light jacket or parka to cover your arms.
  • When driving through Phang Nga and Krabi, avoid Highway 4 when you can. It’ll be impossible to stay off it at times, but the smaller two lanes highways that wind and curve around it are fantastic. They’ll take longer to cover, but you won’t even care because you’ll be gulping in breaths of clean air and laughing to yourself at how beautiful the surroundings are (Highway 4034 and 6024 in Krabi, particularly).
  • I didn’t have an issue finding gas along the way. Highway 4 has plenty of gas stations, and the smaller highways have those small self-service gas pumps.


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